November 3, 2013 – The Dirt Under the Rug

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOh Canada, what have we become? So much dirt has been swept under that you can barely make out the rug atop the mound. Our ‘Good Canadian’ image has been scraped away, revealing a horrendous human rights record, an anti-environmental economy, record deficits, and a near-deaf, unresponsive government. With Remembrance Day approaching, we near heresy as the democratic face has been ravaged, leaving all that our veterans fought and died for in vain.

A lady in Calgary was in the news when a tenant claimed her property as his embassy, claiming to be a Freeman-on-the-Land. Fortunately the authorities removed him, but not before he trashed the place. Our history reflects the story. Unfortunately for the First Nations, no authorities were around to evict the invasive European tenant. Instead, they were doled out servings of genocide, paternalistic government, and relocation. The overall situation is condemned by the United Nations, but they waited too long to exert any apparent authority.

Even worse, this paternalism was drafted into law under the 1876 Indian Act, basically branding the entire First Nations population as wards of the State, like children. No longer given claim to their land, the Native population was shuffled around like furniture in a home. More accurately, their home was taken over and demolished and all their possessions were put into storage, what the government calls ‘reservations’.

Suddenly, the land was opened up for European settlement, of which they always needed more. This invited urban sprawl, demanding more space and resources, as the boom in technology perpetually beefed up the energy needs. Any land left unclaimed by white settlement was then ceded (or loaned) to the First Nations who sustained it as their foraging and hunting grounds. Later, these areas were flooded as hydroelectric dams joined the mining polluters, biodiversity-killing monocrops and other species-killing efficiencies in destroying their habitat. The overall results have us sending probes into outer space in search of another planet that might be able to support human life. Woe to any inhabitants of that planet, they may someday become wards of the Earthlings.

All this has been in the name of the economy, the lifeforce of coercion. If the dust settles, it will expose how the human character has been suckered into a vortex of man-made laws that disregard Nature’s rules. We have ceded our democratic power and responsibilities to governance in order to continue prospering in our debt-driven lives. It looks as if we are all under paternal government protection, namely the Harper Conservatives.

However, Papa Harper has been out partying with the neighbours more than attending to his Family strife. He’s made promises to those who don’t need help, and deprived those who do. So, we live in a house acquired by illicit means, represented by double-faced policymakers and are fed a belief that we can’t do anything about it. The detritus under the rug must be dealt with, for the longer we resist, the deeper the impact. In other words, the revolution is going to hurt.