An Industrial Evolution – July 26, 2016


We live in an era of ‘take’, staking claim to what is mine and not yours. This mentality begins in our interpersonal relationships and extends to the biosphere supporting us. Society promotes a whole lotta take with very little to return. Mother Nature seems a little peeved about this exchange and is shutting down the tills.

 To do good requires effort and restraint. Lacking those and evil, careless acts are much easier to perform. Looking at our consumerist habits, we like to take a lot and give back only the garbage. With the gradual withering of newness, everything we touch becomes garbage. Does all this take with little give make us evil? Does mindless consumption make us not good?

 We can nurture the lifeblood of the Earth and negate further pollution that leads to destruction of both flora and fauna. Its detriments are striking against human life. This is why I’m enthusiastic about Mariceuticals. I can provide something that gives back.

 Hemp is a dual crop, which in economic terms means it supports two industries in one growth cycle. From the oil we can polymerize it to replace our plastics and fuels with environment-friendly products. From the stalk, we get fibre for clothes and material for construction, and drastically reduce the footprint produced from the conventional manner of creating concrete and lumber.

 In doing so requires a mass displacement of the industries currently reigning over these sectors. We no longer need to hack down forests, since we can grow our homes on a one-hundred-day crop. Since no other options are currently sustainable, these industries’ best bet to survival is to co-opt the hemp ethos. Hemp products are durable and sustainable, shaking our disposable economy to the bone.

 The biodegradable lifestyle is not a fantasy. Rather than fight Nature, I want to give back. We can live sustainably with a minimal ecological footprint. We can keep the lungs of the Earth circulating, viewing deforestation the same way we do of slavery; with a disdainful historical reflection. It is within reach, if only we can buy enough willpower.



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