cons_canada copyWhat is there to know about me? I spend enormous amounts of my money and time with books. Once the brain is fueled, out comes the pen and paper and scratching to my mind’s content.

I enjoy playing with thoughts and words, seeing what pops up. Most of what’s posted are these rants against whatever force I’m currently reading about. That or the tyranny of our ‘democracy.’

I’m not militant, but I believe we are the necessary push to the change we all crave and talk about. I believe it’s all possible, but we need to be more united; more of  a community.

Anyway, enjoy my blog and please place your comments. I will attempt to reply as soon as possible. It is a conversation that I wish to begin, after all.



2 thoughts on “About”

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read my rants, Richard. I like to get my ideas out there, but not as a solution. I’m throwing my ideas out there to start a constructive argument. I try not to sound as angry and bitter as I sometimes feel about what I write. And I try not to be too biased about it either.

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