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Hatred is the Weakest Stance – August 13, 2017

4-768x768I suppose anyone who speaks out in public can be an activist. Many make me proud, having taken the time and energy to earnestly understand their passion, and then wanting to educate the public on the new knowledge. Many are successful.

Not all ideas, however, are created equal. With success, the idea goes viral, possibly leading us towards a new norm. If it is but a weak fad, it disappears and we step back to the status quo.

When people stand up behind bad ideas, are they still activists? I’m talking about the alt-right terrorist who plowed his vehicle through an anti-racism march in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12th, killing 32-year-old Heather Heyer. These neo-Nazis with tiki torches are cultural terrorists, fighting tooth and nail to maintain their race-based hatred. Continue reading Hatred is the Weakest Stance – August 13, 2017


Cele-protesting Pseudo-Legalization – 420 @ Sunset Park

May 2, 2017

IMG_0338Like all marathons, my day started too early. Brynn and I drove out of Kelowna at around six AM. We picked up a misinformed temporary passenger before dropping him back off. Hope of a smooth ride was lost as we hit the Connector to find three inches of snow growing on the road. Traffic slowed to a single lane crawl at a magnificent 30 kilometres per hour.

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Climate, Jobs, Justice & the Economy – April 26, 2017

slide_224827_946621_freeWhere does one begin when fighting for climate, jobs, and justice. In a search for commonalities, the most obvious is the economy.

Climate and the economy, such obvious archenemies, are a dichotomy leaving us a choice of one or the other. We can have one but must drop the other; it shouldn’t be a tough call. Continue reading Climate, Jobs, Justice & the Economy – April 26, 2017

Unjust Capitalism, legalizing cannabis – February 24, 2017

One must ask the law makers and backers, “Whose side are you on?” Each time a cop busts a compassion club, they hand power back to the underground economy. I don’t believe this is the effect they were aiming for. What does kicking in the door of compassion say about our laws and their views on medical care?

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On Racism – November 18, 2016


If life is a script, none of us want to be the bad guy. Our morals are our guidance for our behaviour.  I suppose the morals of one culture are not the same as those for another culture. Misunderstanding and misinterpretations have built walls between communities, where the lack of questions and dialogue have widened the gap. Continue reading On Racism – November 18, 2016

An Industrial Evolution – July 26, 2016


We live in an era of ‘take’, staking claim to what is mine and not yours. This mentality begins in our interpersonal relationships and extends to the biosphere supporting us. Society promotes a whole lotta take with very little to return. Mother Nature seems a little peeved about this exchange and is shutting down the tills. Continue reading An Industrial Evolution – July 26, 2016

Peace Together – July 23, 2016

Peace TogetherThe door is closing. This was a threat from a random guy that wanted me involved in some moneymaking scheme or business opportunity. This was his lure. Truthfully, I merely want a roof over my head in a home with working utilities. I want time to pursue my life’s passion. I want to learn and create. Continue reading Peace Together – July 23, 2016

Comfort, Community and Connection – On Spirituality – July 21, 2016

hopegenerositysolidarityI believe that human needs can be boiled down to three: Physical or material, psychological, and spiritual. After all, for what purposes is spirituality a tool? It is an explanation for the unknown and provides comfort, connection and community.

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The Story of Weed – March 29, 2016

WeedArt_v2We all know the story of Weed, AKA cannabis, marijuana, pot, the assassin of youth. In truth, that assassin is adulthood and definitely not to be confused as maturity. Her story is woven with lies, deception and conspiracy. Weed, unbeknownst to most, is the victim. Continue reading The Story of Weed – March 29, 2016

Utopia – July 7, 2015

IMG_0473Welcome to my world. I only say this because nobody else seems to want to lay claim to it. Who could blame them? This place is a mess, and any reports from the powers-that-be only show things getting worse.

What I mean about laying claim means nobody’s willing to proactively change my world. Everyone’s waiting to see what the others are going to do so they can follow suit. Such expectations have placed us at a standstill.

As the standstill extends, we eventually forget what we’re waiting for, getting distracted by what everyone else is doing. And when that standstill becomes the norm, nobody dares to break lockstep in fear of standing apart. I’m waiting for things to get better, meaning I’ll be waiting for quite a while.

It is essential that I take ownership, rather than to passively hold my seat. It’s not like we’re taking a quick jaunt across the choppy sea of life, aiming our prow to the glistening shores of Utopia. Utopia isn’t a place where all is provided and perfect. How boring would that be?

No, Utopia is a state of mind where answers are always available, but the level of difficulty varies. Utopia is that feeling of victory when you solve the problem, not when you receive the prize.

So, welcome to my Utopia. Don’t expect to sit back and throw your feet up. Maintaining it requires vigilance, where the payoff is the fact that Utopia still exists.

So when something goes wrong, I am the only one who can return Utopia to its glory. This could require some action, but can also be accomplished with a shift in expectations. That is, after all, what sets us on the quest for perfection to begin with.

My actions and my leadership will bring us towards Utopia. So will yours. The only certainty is we will never reach it as passive passengers awaiting decisions from people who care not for your Utopia, only their own. Utopia is in reach if we turn our backs to the false barriers that we call limitations.