Utopia – July 7, 2015

IMG_0473Welcome to my world. I only say this because nobody else seems to want to lay claim to it. Who could blame them? This place is a mess, and any reports from the powers-that-be only show things getting worse.

What I mean about laying claim means nobody’s willing to proactively change my world. Everyone’s waiting to see what the others are going to do so they can follow suit. Such expectations have placed us at a standstill.

As the standstill extends, we eventually forget what we’re waiting for, getting distracted by what everyone else is doing. And when that standstill becomes the norm, nobody dares to break lockstep in fear of standing apart. I’m waiting for things to get better, meaning I’ll be waiting for quite a while.

It is essential that I take ownership, rather than to passively hold my seat. It’s not like we’re taking a quick jaunt across the choppy sea of life, aiming our prow to the glistening shores of Utopia. Utopia isn’t a place where all is provided and perfect. How boring would that be?

No, Utopia is a state of mind where answers are always available, but the level of difficulty varies. Utopia is that feeling of victory when you solve the problem, not when you receive the prize.

So, welcome to my Utopia. Don’t expect to sit back and throw your feet up. Maintaining it requires vigilance, where the payoff is the fact that Utopia still exists.

So when something goes wrong, I am the only one who can return Utopia to its glory. This could require some action, but can also be accomplished with a shift in expectations. That is, after all, what sets us on the quest for perfection to begin with.

My actions and my leadership will bring us towards Utopia. So will yours. The only certainty is we will never reach it as passive passengers awaiting decisions from people who care not for your Utopia, only their own. Utopia is in reach if we turn our backs to the false barriers that we call limitations.